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About Us

The Boston Police Department was the first organized police force in the country (1854) and one of the first departments to form an emerald society within its ranks.

Spawned in a local Irish tavern in the South End section of Boston, JJ Foley's was the gathering place after the first half to help solve the problems of the world and come down a little from the job before going home for the evening.

Society quickly took off in 1973 and practically overnight we had half the force as members. We drew up our by-laws and were chartered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a non-profit organization. For the first ten years, we held our monthly meetings at VFW Post 1018 until we purchased our present building at 10 Birch Street, formerly a bank.

Over the years we have contributed to many worthwhile charities here and abroad. We have found time to make our society has known throughout the world and, naturally, Ireland. We have taken part in the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in many cities around the country including our own in Boston.

We are now into our 49th year and our door is always open to all.

Purposes of our Society

1) To develop a spirit of brotherhood and fellowship amongst its members.

2) To encourage fuller participation in the activities of organizations existing within the police department.

3) Encourage members to fully familiarize themselves with the prescribed, authorized, and accepted practices and      procedures of law enforcement in a courteous intelligent manner, or other measures in cases of injury.

4) To engender exemplary deportment on the part of its members, thereby creating respect and goodwill for the             police in the city.

5) To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at all times.

6) To inculcate and preserve in it's members the heritage of their Gaelic culture.

7) To award scholarships annually to children and grand children of members of the society as provided in the by-         laws of the society and also to the children of the members of the society who were in good standing at the time       of their death.


Building Committee - This committee is made up of three members in good standing elected from the membership plus all presidents both past and present.

Auditing Committee - The auditing committee will be elected at the next building committee meeting.  As the Emerald Society's by-laws state, the chairman of the committee is Treasurer Tom Creavin.

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