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Boston: New Years Eve...

From the Boston Police Department:

City of Boston Traffic Advisory for 2021 First Night

First Night festivities taking place in the City of Boston on Thursday, December 31, 2021, will impact traffic and parking in the Back Bay as well as on Boston’s waterfront. People coming into the City to celebrate are strongly encouraged not to drive their personal vehicles. Drivers are strongly cautioned to carefully read all posted signs to ensure that their vehicle is parked in accordance with parking restrictions. Information on Bluebikes, the regional bike-share service, may be found at, and information on the MBTA may be found at Walking is also a great way to move around Boston.

Traffic Restrictions

From December 31 at 8 AM through January 1 at 1 AM, Dartmouth Street, between Saint James Avenue and Boylston Street, will be closed to traffic.

On December 31, Boylston Street, between Exeter Street and Charles Street, will be closed to traffic from approximately 4 PM to 8 PM.

On December 31, Charles Street, between Boylston Street and Beacon Street, will be closed to traffic from approximately 5 PM to 8 PM.

Parking Restrictions

“Tow Zone No Stopping Boston Police Special Event” parking restrictions will be in effect, as follows.

Boylston Street, Copley Square side, from Dartmouth Street to Clarendon Street

“Tow Zone No Stopping Boston Police Special Event Friday 12:01 AM–Saturday 5:00 AM” parking restrictions will be in effect from 12:01 AM on December 31 through 5 AM on January 1 as follows.

Boylston Street, both sides, from Berkeley Street to Arlington Street

·Trinity Place, Copley Fairmont side, from Saint James Avenue to Stuart Street

“Tow Zone No Stopping” parking restrictions will be in effect on December 31 as follows.

Arlington Street, both sides, from Beacon Street to Boylston Street

Atlantic Avenue, east side, from East India Row to Commercial Street; west side, from Commercial Wharf to Cross Street

Beacon Street, both sides, from Charles Street to Arlington Street

Berkeley Street, both sides, from Boylston Street to Newbury Street

Blagden Street, both sides, from Dartmouth Street to Exeter Street, not including the BPL parking zone

Boylston Street, both sides from Ring Road to Berkeley Street; Public Garden side, from Arlington Street to Charles Street

Cambridge Street, City Hall side, from the driveway near Court Street to the JFK Building

Charles Street, Public Garden side, from Boylston Street to Beacon Street

Charles Street South, odd side, from Park Plaza to Boylston Street

Clarendon Street, both sides, from Newbury Street to Boylston Street; Trinity Church side, from Boylston Street to Saint James Avenue

Dartmouth Street, both sides, from St. James Avenue to Newbury Street

Saint James Avenue, both sides, from Clarendon Street to Dartmouth Street

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