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Call to Action!!!

Please help us convince Beacon Hill to VOTE NO on Bill S2963. This bill did not include public debate, public input, or stakeholder input. This is not Police Reform!!! Please call or email your Senator/Representative now!!! Email example below. We appreciate your efforts.

Dear Senator/Representative [INSERT NAME], My name is [INSERT NAME] and I live in your district at [INSERT ADDRESS]. I write to urge you to vote NO on the police reform bill that has come out of conference committee. This bill will negatively impact police officers and public safety. This process has been the opposite of public deliberation. This bill should be rejected, and an open process to develop common sense reform should be undertaken in the next session. This bill that has come out of Conference Committee does not protect or serve anyone. It would make Police Officers second class citizens by denying them the due process given to all other Massachusetts Public Employees. As written, the newly formed Massachusetts Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission would be able to revoke an officer’s certification before that officer has a right to challenge discipline, in many cases even before internal investigations are completed! This is absurd. There is no fairness if officers can be stripped of their livelihood based on unsubstantiated claims. Other public employees such as teachers have certification – but their due process rights are protected by the law. Police officers deserve no less than all other public employees. Do the right thing. Vote NO on this extreme bill that could lead to unsafe communities for all.

Thank you.

Sincerely[INSERT NAME]

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